9 Benefits Great Document Control Software Will Offer Your Business

Cordage Team
Mar 16, 2020

Document Control Software is the cornerstone of a digital QMS. Many companies today are largely dependent on document control software to ensure regulatory compliance, the security of important documents, and much more.

As more and more companies are digitized, the need for reliable digital quality management solutions has increased, and this is where a document control software comes in. Document Control Software empowers your company’s Quality Team to focus on Continuous Improvement. It enables the team to ensure that all quality processes are optimized and that there is an increase in efficiency. This, in turn, allows your company to thrive amidst regulatory environments.

With a great Document Control Software, your business has the potential to reach new heights in terms of efficiency, productivity, security, and streamlining of the workflow. Here are nine ways you can benefit:

1. Automate activities

With a Document Control Software, your quality team can automate day to day activities, especially those that are repeated daily. Workflow approval is made simple, as the concerned personnel can easily access the documents at every stage of development. Every check required throughout the process is simplified.

With automated activity follow-up, your team can easily keep track of all activities and changes/updates made to documents. Moreover, auto-generation of Document IDs makes it easier to name and find documents when you need them.

All in all, with a Document Control Software, your quality department is equipped with just the right tools they need to do much more.

2. Reduction in the number of errors

You can easily configure your Document Control Software to define your own rules and adapt them to your current processes. This seamless integration of your company processes and the software itself results in the reduction in the number of errors.

To ensure that your documents are error-free, avoid exceptions and make sure that procedures and processes are followed thoroughly by your quality team.

3. Better-preserved documented information

A Document Control Software saves your documents in digital form, which is great because digital copies do not degrade. This means that all the important information found in your documents can be better preserved as they will not be subject to wear and tear. Your documents will always be in pristine condition, and if you need them in a non-digital form, you can always print them out when required.

4. Easier document distribution

With a Document Control Software, document distribution is made easier since you can create distribution lists and control access. This can be extremely helpful if you want to send out documents to certain people in your company as opposed to an entire team.

For instance, if you have an important document containing sensitive information that only a few select people must be aware of, you can create a list to ensure that only the people on that list can access the document. You also have features to ensure document delivery and validate the document has been read.

5. Better-protected documented information

Another great benefit of using a Document Control Software is the high level of security granted to all your company documents, especially when you compare it to storing paper documents. Paper can be easily copied and taken off-premises, while digitized documents are safe and secure in your system.

Moreover, with paper, you have less control over who can read a document, while a Document Control System offers you complete control. Print copies can be watermarked automatically as well.

6. Reduced storage space

A huge issue that many companies face when they don’t go digital is that they lack the storage space required to keep all their paper documents safe. Besides, more space means more expenses. With Document Control Software, you can put these worries to rest because digital storage requires less space. You only need space for your computer systems.

7. Better recovery from disaster

In case of any unforeseen disasters that could lead to loss of data, on-premise Document Control Software has comprehensive backup plans that can help you recover your important documents. In case you are using a cloud-based system, there is redundant storage across multiple locations, which ensures that you always have back-up files.

8. Improved regulatory compliance

Especially for companies in industries with heavy regulations, a Document Control Software can be really helpful as it can ensure regulatory compliance. A DCS enables logs and version control to be kept in an easier way. Moreover, it makes it much simpler for companies to be CSFR 21 Pt 11 compliant.

9. Better collaboration

Lastly, your business can benefit from a Document Control Software when it comes to collaboration. The software enables users to collaborate and communicate with each other and work on projects together. Information is centralized, and notifications are forwarded, which makes collaborating easier.


Document Control Software can turbo-charge your quality management efforts. By reducing heavy lifting and automating repetitive tasks, productivity and efficiency are increased significantly. With the wide range of features and tools, your quality team can achieve more, while remaining nimble and small.

If your business plans to achieve an enhanced digital quality management system (QMS), document management and control software are the first steps that you must take. The software has multiple benefits, but to make the most of all that it can offer, it is important to define which best fits your organization’s needs considering your company size, quality maturity stage, as well as the industry you are in.