This is about all of us

We believe quality is more than compliance; it’s a mindset. We believe quality is a cultural shift; a new way to deliver more value through continuous improvement. At our company, we all believe quality has the potential to energize and to re-align organizations.

We Try to Answer: What is the Role of People in the Context of Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation

It is people who innovate and transform organizations. People adapt and improve processes. Technology is just the medium through which humans maximize their impact.

The performance of a quality management system relies on how people are involved, trained, and empowered inside an organization. Achieving better outcomes depends on how we align collaborators with organizational values. We need to live a culture of quality and continuous improvement.

We weren’t always Cordage. We started as Qdoc back in the days of Lotus Notes.

Cordage is a new company, spun from iCorp in 2019. iCorp had a vision of achieving a global footprint by 2020 and invested heavily in developing a new team, new processes, and new technology.

We have gained extensive knowledge and experience during the course of 20 years delivering quality management software solutions to enterprises in our regional market and achieving an ISO 22000 certification that proved our belief that QMS software needs to be approached differently.

The last ten years have brought advancements in connectivity, mobility, and availability of data. Digital records are no longer enough to support quality initiatives in a world where automation, industrial internet of things, and analytics are openly available.

Our mission is to help build a new world using safer, more valuable and reliable products, interactions, and services. We are convinced that we can achieve this through quality and technology.