Pick the right EQMS for your company size

When it comes to quality, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Your quality management software solution should align with the complexity of your business process and rules. It should deliver the specific benefits you seek from implementation and support your business goals.

Quality Management for SMBs and Global Enterprises

Our cloud QMS software can help you achieve your quality objectives. Cordage brings flexibility and scalability to your quality initiatives.

Grow your Business

Reduce expensive mistakes and increase operational efficiency. Close new sales, enter new markets and stand out in your industry.

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Achieve Compliance

Follow legal requirements and automate processes to comply with even the most stringent of certifications such as ISO, OHSAS, and FDA.

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Transform your Culture

Instill a culture of continuous improvement. Implement best practices and foster collaboration. Let quality drive your organization.

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New to Quality

A QMS for small businesses works as a single source of truth. Cordage provides end-to-end visibility across business processes. Our Cloud SaaS minimizes the risk of using outdated, incomplete or incorrect information for internal and customer-facing processes. It reduces rework via quick corrective action.

Achieve Greater Efficiency

Improve how you review and manage documents and activities. Avoid costly errors, achieve compliance, and grow your business. Leverage our single, centralized, always-on QMS in the cloud to take your business to the next level.

Process Automation

Repetitive tasks automation is low-hanging fruit on the path to digital transformation. Cordage automates repetitive quality management tasks, freeing up people’s time for high-value tasks.

Simple Compliance

Manage all of your audits activities and reduce audit time by grouping documents, CAPAs, and activities in a simple location. Cordage helps companies in their certification processes across multiple industries like auto, aerospace, and pharmaceutical.

Manage and Control your Operations, Ease Regulatory Requirements.

Get a 360-view of plans and activities for teams throughout the organization in a single location. Maintain operational control without hassle, confusion or extra effort. An EQMS for Enterprise empowers companies to collaborate, and to control documents and activities seamlessly.

Retain Your Certification

Automate processes to make the path to compliance smooth. Adhere to ISO, OHSAS and FDA regulations, and meet evolving regulatory challenges with confidence. Enterprises face the challenge of managing their quality initiatives securely and compliantly.

Secure Storage

Documents are stored in the same storage as 70% of the Fortune 500 companies. Cordage emphasizes privacy and security by design.

Distribution Control

Document distribution prevents the loss of critical corporate information. Cordage limits document availability with granular permissions.

Your QMS should grow with you.

Cordage is a scalable QMS that responds to your changing requirements. Your Enterprise Quality Management Software should deliver unparalleled visibility into documents, non-conformances, and training. Your software shouldn’t halt your growth.

Global Enterprise

Ensure consistent processes and standards across all locations.

Manage all your offices, factories and distribution centers on a single centralized interface. Drive better collaboration and uniform processes among geographically distant teams via document and CAPA management in the cloud. Keep everyone on the same page to avoid misunderstandings and encourage consistent behaviors.

Multilanguage Support

Multilanguage support enables people from different parts of the world to set up uniform standards and boost cooperation across the global enterprise.

Multilocation Preferences

Locations can manage their specific preferences like reporting time, users and centralized billing. Managers and supervisors can be a part of multiple locations.