Enterprise Quality Management System for companies with a Global Footprint

Cordage is a quality software platform that is simple enough for a small business, but also powerful enough to deliver value to global corporations. Unify all of your factories and offices under a single multilingual solution.

Organization-wide visibility and control

Manage all of your users, documents and CAPAs in a single location. Manage an unlimited number of offices, business units and backend facilities.


Manage multiple locations, assign collaborators to one or several locations and track all quality initiatives across each location. Share documents and organization-wide initiatives.


Set your language preferences on an organizational, locational and individual level. Generate reports in the language needed at the country of origin.

Centralized Identity

Organization Wide User Management

Manage all your users from a single location. Unify your staff’s identity using Active Directory, Single Sign-On service or Identity Provider.


Connect your organization across locations with your Active Directory.

Single Sign-On

Access Cordage with your Google or Microsoft SSO credentials.


Access information across locations with a single login.

How can Technology Leverage a culture of Quality?

Developing a culture of quality leads to an increase in engagement, productivity, and loyalty of your employees.

Security and Availability

99.99% Availability, It’s in Our SLA

Cordage was designed and built to comply with international security standards. Our service is meant to meet and exceed North-American and European Standards.


Security Services Technical Committee standard to grant access to applications.


All information is encrypted on traffic (SSL) and the rest with multiple encryption algorithms.

OAuth 2.0

Industry protocol used to grant access without the need to expose credentials.

Talk to a Real Person

For Enterprise Clients, we assign an Account Manager to answer your questions from Monday through Friday. Your organization’s account manager offers support via email, chat and phone and by scheduling training events.

SLAs above 99.99%

Quality management and documentation are critical to your organization. At Cordage, we guarantee a 99.99% uptime across all of our products. We take reliability and uptime seriously.

Custom Builds and Integrations

Connect your ERP, your Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) to Cordage. Prevent information corruption and data loss with automated communication between systems that have a REST API.

Extract relevant information from your documents with machine learning and artificial intelligence. We believe pure and uncorrupted data is critical to your quality management strategy.