Grow Sales and Reduce Costs, Quality is a Profit Driver

Research suggests, better process control leads to a lesser number of reworks and diminishing costs. Automate your heavy work and focus on delivering value.

Quality Management Leads to Better ROI

A Survey from Lloyd’s Quality Assurance found that certified companies have better ROI than their industry average.

Sell in Regulated Industries, Expand Your Global Footprint

Achieving consistency and acquiring a certification provides access to newer markets. A well-defined quality management system is the first step towards exporting to new countries and sell to clients in heavily regulated industries like auto, aerospace or life sciences.

Getting a certification guarantees your clients that the product or service you deliver has been developed according to specifications and following Standard Operating Procedures. A certification like ISO 9001:2015 differentiates your company in the market.

Is your staff at the center of quality?

They should be. A successful quality management strategy can help reduce costs by avoiding quality failures and streamlining processes.

Cost Reduction

Reduce your Total Cost of Quality

Reduce the impact and the cost of poor quality. Decrease the amount of rework with up-to-date documentation. Cut scrap and warranty costs with a properly trained workforce. Reduce the time spent correcting and preventing non-conformities with CAPA automation. Run your quality management on autopilot.

Same team size Team Size

Our software reduces the time your quality department spends keeping track of and doing follow-ups on CAPAs, document management, and training initiatives. Reduce your staff’s workload and empower them to focus on continuous improvement.

Fewer maintenance costs

Cloud software tends to be safer and more affordable than on-premises software. To achieve similar levels of availability and security, your organization would need to hire consulting services and staff around the clock doing security checks.

Smaller up-front investment

Start in minutes and without the need to invest in servers, firewalls and software licenses. All updates including new features, design enhancements, and security reinforcement are included in your subscription. No surprises.

Automate the Heavy-Lifting

Implementing a quality system is a medium-term initiative that involves: documentation, training and organizational buy-in. Convincing your organization about the importance of quality and keeping records, is more than enough work for a quality management team.

Cordage is cloud software that runs the repetitive tasks on autopilot. Cordage keeps track of expired documents, auto-generates document IDs and follows up on your team’s tasks and activities.