Quality Management System for the Automotive Industry

Quality management and regulatory standards have become a significant consideration in the automotive industry. Clients expect their suppliers to deliver value consistently, and to prove that their requirements are being met.

The number of documents, processes and staff members in the auto industry makes quality management a time-intensive activity. Car assemblers and parts manufacturers need to hire ever-growing teams to comply with security checks, audits, and document distribution.

An industry-specific QMS for auto manufacturers considers the need for automation, custom workflows, and low-cost implementations.

A solution that Integrates all Departments and Provides a True Closed-loop Quality Solution

Systematically reduce risk and drive improvements in your organization, by centralizing non-conformities, document distribution, and training initiatives. All of Cordage’s products communicate with each other seamlessly.

An automotive specific QMS eases the path towards creating the preferred vendor list. An integrated software solution reduces the complexity of document distribution, non-conformity management and training, while considerably reducing human error.

Document Control

Control your documents throughout their lifespan. Create, modify, review and distribute documents in a people-friendly way.

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Corrective Actions

Manage all non-conformities and gain a 360-degree view over your team’s plans, activities and resolutions in a single location.

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Training Initiatives

Ensure your staff is always prepared for the job. Identify knowledge gaps, launch training initiatives and keep evaluation records.

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Thought for the Multinational Nature of the Auto Industry Supply Chain

As the automotive value chain becomes more reliant on international suppliers, a greater number of operations are distributed between multiple plants, offices and countries. Cordage enables large and growing Tier I, Tier II and Tier III companies to manage their quality operations across multiple offices, factories and locations, as a single user.

Multiple Locations

Cordage creates an HQ organization by default. Organizational documents can be created, managed and shared in the HQ and distributed across multiple locations.


Manufacturers with operations in multiple countries and with international staff can access reports, activities, and information in a preferred language at the organization, location and personal level.

Comply with the Stringent Requirements of IATF and ISO, While Remaining Flexible

Achieving consistency and acquiring a quality certification provides access to newer markets. A well-defined management system is the first step towards exporting to new countries and selling to larger clients in the automotive industry.

Getting a certification guarantees your clients that the product and service you deliver is done according to specifications and follows Standard Operating Procedures. A certification like ISO 9001:2015 or ISO/TS 16949 is reassuring to your customers.

Advanced Customization

Adapt your Software to Your Processes, Language and Reporting Needs.

Quality management for automotive manufacturers is a competitive advantage. While the industry is strict regarding policy and requirements, you need to create the right conditions for the culture, system and technology to work together. Cordage provides flexible and configurable workflows and permissions for any process.

Scalable Action Plans

Create action plans and assign stakeholders responsible for implementation and tracking.

Seamless Integration

Connect your CAPAs with training and document control to identify and solve quality events effectively.

Custom Workflows

Create custom workflows based on your unique document approval policies and needs.

Extended Fields

Build and define the specific fields you use to identify and complement your QMS.

Other Features

Multi-language support
Multi-location Preferences
LDAP/ Active Directory
GSuite / Office 365
Document Templates
Automated Workflows
Autoassign Activities
Custom Fields

Reduce Your Overhead, and Your Overall Total Cost of Quality

Reduce the impact and the cost of poor quality. Decrease the amount of rework with up-to-date documentation. Cut scrap, warranty and recall costs with a properly trained workforce. Decrease the time spent correcting and preventing non-conformities with CAPA automation. Empower your quality department.

Same Team Size

Our software reduces the time your quality department spends on keeping track of and doing follow-ups on CAPAs, document management and training initiatives. Reduce your staff's workload and empower them to focus on continuous improvement.

Fewer Maintenance Costs

Cloud software tends to be safer and more affordable than on-premises software. To achieve similar levels of availability and security, your organization would need to hire consulting services and support staff who work around-the-clock doing security checks.

Smaller Up-front Investment

Start in minutes and without the need to invest on servers, firewalls and software licenses. All updates, including new features, design enhancements and security reinforcement, are included in your subscription. No surprises.

Cut Audit Time by up to 40%

Search for documents and leverage the power of metadata to locate an asset by keyword, name or date, across multiple departments. Connect a specific document and non-conformity to a specific standard or process.