Transform and Automate your Quality Management

Drive excellence in your organization through quality. Streamline all of your organization’s quality processes within a single location. Bring your documents, CAPAs and training materials together under a single cloud solution.

From Disconnected to Integrated EQMS

Improve collaboration, automate repetitive tasks and incorporate best practices in a closed-loop quality solution software. Achieve end-to-end traceability and follow ISO/FDA best practices.

Document Management

Control your documents throughout their lifespan. Create, modify, review and distribute documents in a people-friendly way.

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Corrective Actions

Manage all non-conformities and gain a 360-degree view over your team’s plans, activities and resolutions in a single location.

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Training Initiatives

Ensure your staff is always prepared for the job. Identify knowledge gaps, launch training initiatives and keep evaluation records.

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Get started with minimum investment

Onboard your staff within 2 weeks of implementing the software. There’s no need to call IT or invest in servers. Create your organization’s account for free.

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A Solution That Integrates All Departments and Provides a True Closed-loop Quality Solution

Systematically reduce risk and drive improvements in your organization, by centralizing non-conformities, document distribution and training initiatives. All of Cordage’s products communicate with each other seamlessly.

Deliver the highest quality products and services. Follow your industry’s compliance requirements by implementing our EQMS solution.