Flexible CAPA and Audit Management Software

Identify and record nonconformances. Perform root cause analysis to communicate action plans to all intended members. Monitor team progress and ensure that errors or undesirable situations never occur again. Cordage makes corrective and preventive action collaborative, systematic and auditable.

Capa and Audit Management

Identify and Prevent Non-Conformances

CAPAs and audits are a part of our cloud quality management software, enabling the identification of nonconformances, implementation of corrective measures, and tracking of team progress from a single place.

Custom Workflows

Create custom workflows based on your unique document approval policies and needs.

Analysis Techniques

Find the underlying cause of product or process failure using 5 Whys and other methods.

Scalable Action Plans

Create action plans and assign stakeholders responsible for implementation and tracking.

Seamless Integration

Connect CAPAs with training and document control to solve quality events effectively.

All of Cordage

Multi-language Support
Multi-location Preferences
LDAP/ Active Directory
GSuite / Office 365
Document Templates
Automated Workflows
Autoassign Activities
Custom Fields
Extended Fields
Print Control