Empower Your Workforce to do More

The cost of errors and non-compliance can cost companies valuable customers and be devastating for high-consequence industries. Cordage enables leaders and employees to catch mistakes quickly, learn continuously on-the-job and coordinate training initiatives seamlessly.

Training Management

Engage your Workforce

Qualify, assess and monitor the performance of your employees. Design controls, identify training gaps and demonstrate the efficacy of your training initiatives.

Track Progress

Keep a tab on progress to resolve safety and quality incidents systematically.

Custom Evaluations

Run deep analysis to get to the heart of issues and plan the right corrective measures.

Multiple Media

Leverage our support for audio and video media to ensure all-encompassing quality.

Seamless Integration

Connect easily to your CAPAs and documents to maximize quality outcomes.

All of Cordage

LDAP / Active Directory
GSuite / Office 365
Document Templates
Automated Workflows
Custom Fields
Extended Fields
Print Control