Extend and Simplify your Quality Management Software Implementation

Quality is an activity that spans across your whole organization. The development of a quality-based culture is not a simple task. At Cordage, we can help you onboard your staff.

Speed-up the Software Adoption Process

We asses how to provide more value. In our training events, we can help you tailor Cordage for your specific needs. While you can learn how to use our EQMS from our support staff and knowledge center, our training sessions are great for aligning your team and spreading knowledge.

Custom Builds

Extract relevant information from your documents with machine learning and artificial intelligence. We believe pertinent data is critical to your quality management strategy. Create custom modules, extensions, and plugins that enable and empower your organization to do more with quality.

Custom Integrations

Connect your ERP, Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) to Cordage. Prevent information corruption and data loss with automated communication between systems. Cordage has a REST API available.

Connect with a Consultant

We are in the process of building a network of talented and vetted consultants who can help your organization with your Environment Health Safety and your quality initiatives for free.

Integrated EQMS that end-users Actually Like

Cordage is a software suite that improves collaboration, automates repetitive tasks and incorporates best practices in a closed-loop quality solution. Cordage matches your corporate requirements and your staff’s actual needs.

Document Management

Make it easier for your team to create, modify, review and distribute documents. Reduce their workload and empower them to create value.

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Corrective Actions

Tackle non-conformities in a simple way. Gain full-overview of your team’s plans and activities and let them manage their own tasks.

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Training Initiatives

Empower your team and prepare them for their jobs. Identify their knowledge gaps, launch training initiatives and help them achieve their full potential.

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