When Do You Need a Document Management System?

Cordage Team
Mar 25, 2020

An electronic system that allows you to create files and feed data in them on an electronic system such as a desktop or a laptop is called a document management system. A document management system does much more than just creating files. It allows you to organize and store an abundant number of files in a very orderly fashion, and you can also retrieve this file in under seconds when the need arises.

You do not have to go through an enormous amount of physical files and papers to get to the correct information. Just putting in a query for the required file using the correct keywords renders the file in under seconds. This heavily reduces all sorts of errors and time wastage that usually occur when paperwork is involved.

Your growing business needs the organization of data

With the ever-increasing amount of data that a business handles daily, doing so on paper can become a tedious task. A cluttered and unorganized workplace can also be a difficult place to spend eight to nine hours daily. Moreover, with the number of files increasing as your company grows, managing and organizing them properly becomes almost impossible.

This is where you have to turn to technology to make processes at your workplace easier and more transparent. While this is a very general idea of when you need a document management system or DMS, it can be hard to identify exactly when to bring in the transformation from paperwork to electronic management systems.


The challenges involved are many. Getting everyone to understand the expectations and act on them is a challenge in itself. Protecting work and standardizing the work becomes crucial as well. Paperwork is not a standard of document management owing to its many shortcomings, security included. Highly prone to damage, the need to protect a company’s data has never been more urgent than nowadays. The protection of sensitive information is a challenge in itself. The challenges increase when you are looking to get certified since compliance with document management regulations is extremely important.

When do you need a document management system?

Quality management

With documents and information maintained on paper, the chances of human errors increase. You can never be sure if the data entered manually is correct or not. Quality Management System or QMS can be better-structured if you incorporate a Document Management System that handles all data in your company digitally. One single space of storage and organization of all the data also allows every employee to easily retrieve any file, and update the file. Moreover, it also makes sure that every change is reflected well, and collaboration for work becomes very easy. It also allows you to identify any process overlaps since a document management system will alert you of duplicate copies.

Compliance is critical for business growth

When you are looking to get certified document management, documented information, document control, and proper document distribution are important parts of the process. Compliance regulations require you to stay stringent with such procedures and to make sure that the tedious task of certification goes by easily. You need to have a digital system that can handle all your documents without any errors. Paperwork will only increase the chaos and not allow you to effectively control every single documentation in your company. You need a single interface that can be accessed by all authorized personnel and also is super-organized and easy to deal with.

Data security is your company’s prime concern

Several companies deal with data that is highly sensitive and classified. Maintaining this sensitive data on paper and filing them in documents in storerooms is a bad choice if your prime concern is to protect this data from getting into wrong and unwanted hands. The wise thing to do is shift all your company’s and customers’ data to an electronic document management system that eliminates the need for physical evidence of the data and shifts everything to the cloud. Now, only authorized personnel with the correct username and password can access the data, and your data is safe and secure.

Institutionalization and work collaboration

When your employees have to file through a huge amount of paperwork daily for the smallest of tasks, it can get very difficult for them to serve your customers well and to collaborate not just within the same team but across departments as well. Collaborative project work is the key to the success of any task at work, and when collaboration seems to be taking a major hit in your company, it is wise for you to bring in an electronic document management system to give everyone the respite they so well deserve. Moreover, it reduces dependencies on people and helps you focus on new projects. Files can be sent to other team members and across departments in their digital form, and any scope of human tardiness or errors are reduced to the absolute minimum.


To streamline processes in your business, get yourself certified, and undertake the change of institutionalizing successfully, document management is an essential and crucial step to take. Only an effective document management system can help you not only get certified and institutionalized but also protect your company’s sensitive and classified data, enhance your organization of files, and standardize the way processes and systems work in your business.