Your Quality Management System on Autopilot

Automate repetitive tasks and reduce human error in your quality management system. Extend document validity, assign document approval flows and auto-generate IDs. Gain full visibility over your QMS.

Cordage Becomes your Personal Assistant

Assign characteristics to your documents and non-conformances and assign specific rules. Focus on improving your quality and enhancing your organization’s processes. Cordage manages repetitive tasks.

Predefined Workflows

Customize the actions and activities that are needed to approve, reject or update a document, CAPA or training activity inside your QMS.

Relevant Notifications

Receive notifications when a document or activity is about to become overdue, or whenever a new document version becomes available.

Notification Escalation

Automate decision making based on the inputs from staff or according to precedence. Inform your process managers about everything that is happening inside the system.

More Time for Quality and Continuous Improvement

Follow-up, document delivery and document retrieval consume a fair amount of your quality department’s time. Empower your staff to focus on continuous improvement, and not on follow-up of tasks.

Distribution List

Process Management

Automated Workflows

Autogenerated ID

Manage Printouts

Version Control

Start with Minimum Investment

Get your whole organization on board in a single day. Migrate your documents and activities without the need to invest in servers or call a consultant.

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From Disconnected to Integrated EQMS

Improve collaboration, automate repetitive tasks and incorporate best practices in a closed-loop quality solution. Achieve end-to-end traceability and follow ISO/FDA best practices and requirements.

Document Management

Control your documents throughout their lifespan. Create, modify, review and distribute documents in a human-friendly way.

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Corrective Actions

Manage all non-conformities and gain a 360 view over your team’s plans, activities and resolutions in a single location.

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Training Initiatives

Ensure your staff is always prepared for the job. Identify knowledge gaps, launch training initiatives and keep evaluation records.

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Does your CFO needs to be convinced?

Explain the value and the impact automating your Quality Management activities impacts your Total Cost of Quality

A Solution that Integrates all Departments and Provides a True Closed-loop Quality Solution

Systematically reduce risk and drive improvements in your organization, by centralizing non-conformities, document distribution, and training initiatives. Cordage products communicate with each other seamlessly.