Adapt your software to your quality processes

Reduce the time to onboard and implement internal processes in your organization. Define your automated processes, establish your own glossary, and define your organization’s color palette.

Your processes, your glossary and your own custom fields

Cordage offers a series of configurations across different roles. System administrators are able to set whitelabeling options, all the way to custom and extended fields.


Create terms that belong exclusively to your organization, to achieve a better understanding of your QMS.


Create, configure and automate specific processes for document and CAPA approvals.

Custom and Extended Fields

Build and define the specific fields that you use to identify and complement your documents and CAPAs.

Granular Permissions

Assign Permissions, Positions and Hierarchical Units

Emulate your organization’s structure inside of Cordage. Recreate your company’s organization chart and create different hierarchical units. Assign employees to a specific department and define workflows at the individual, group and organizational levels.

Issuing List

Establish the positions, individuals, groups or departments which are allowed to create, approve and distribute a document.

Distribution List

Define which positions, individuals, groups and departments can have access to documents and activities.

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Ready for Global Expansion

Multilocation and Multilanguage by Default

As organizations grow, more operations are distributed between multiple plants, offices and countries. Cordage enables large multinationals to manage their quality operations across multiple plants and locations, using a single user.

Multiple Locations

Cordage creates an HQ organization by default. Organizational documents can be created, managed and shared in the HQ and distributed across multiple locations.


Companies that operate in multiple countries and with international staff can access reports, activities and information in their preferred language, at the organization, location, and personal level.

Start in under 10 minutes and with minimum investment

Get your whole organization on board in a single day. Migrate your documents and activities without the need to invest in servers or call a consultant.

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Create Your Own Workflow Processes for Documents, CAPAs and Training Initiatives

Standardize the way a document is created, reviewed and approved. Define as many workflows as you wish and assign a responsible person, group or department. Ensure all documents are approved on time.

Pre-set the general characteristics of a document, a non-conformance, and a training characteristic. Decide whether you wish to auto-generate IDs or not, and according to which criteria.

Custom Approval Workflow

Define the minimum and maximum time for an action to be on the workflow. Set what happens when a document or action is either rejected or approved.

Notification Escalation

Establish the conditions needed to trigger notifications whenever a person, department or group hasn’t completed an activity or process.

Pre-configured Dates

Ensure the delivery of documents on time, as defined by management. Trigger escalation notifications based on time.

SaaS Convenience

Looks and Feels Custom Made

Create affiliation with your company by setting your own color palette and uploading your company’s logo or favicon. Pick from 6 color palettes that comply with accessibility standards and which can be easily personalized with custom colors.