Your Privacy and Your Know-how Are Our Priority

Cordage is a beautiful and secure cloud-based quality management software. Our cloud is protected by armed guards, CCTV and staff to protect the network 24/7. This is why 64% of all companies consider cloud a safer alternative to on-premises systems, for their enterprise needs.

Follow Corporate and Institutional Security Standards

Companies that wish to change from bureaucracy-driven operations to quality-driven operations need appropriate strategy and tools that enable collaboration. Culture evolves with time and behaviors need to be developed.


Enterprise security standard created by the Security Services Technical Committee, to limit access to applications.

OAuth 2

Industry-standard used to protect and grant access to a service without revealing user credentials.


Decentralized digital identification standard used to identify a user using Extensible Resource Identifier.

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Security isn't an afterthought

Store your files in the same cloud as 70% of the Fortune 500

Cloud software is a safer and more affordable alternative to on-premises software solutions. Contrary to popular belief, 64% of all CIOs agree that enterprise cloud is a smarter alternative to prevent data theft and loss.

Encryption on Transit and at Rest

All communication from and to Cordage is encrypted using multiple encryption algorithms like AES 256 and RSA 256.

Additional Security Layers

Cordage considers additional security measures like Firewalls, CDN, and API Gateway protection to prevent Brute-force and DDoS attacks.

API Validation

We apply end-point protection best practices to protect and validate all requests to our servers.

99.99%* Service Availability

Cordage stores and processes information in AWS data-centers. We chose Amazon for their SOC, PCI, HIIPA and ISO compliance and certifications. This means, access to our servers is limited and protected by armed guards, CCTV, and multiple biometric measures.

Application Infrastructure

Cordage lives in AWS and guarantees 99.9% uptime. This is possible because of electric backup generators and action plans in case of environmental disaster.

Document Storage

Cordage stores your files on the Box Platform. Box is the service 70% of all Fortune 500 companies and the US Department of Defense trust.

Limit who can access Cordage and from Where

On top of Data Center security, Cordage incorporated additional security layers. We limit access to a specific set of IPs. All information travels through the network encrypted and is stored with another encryption algorithm,

Access Control

Limit who can enter the application and what they can do inside Cordage.

Permission Management

Manage who can see, download and print documents.

Cloud Software Tends to be Safer

Cordage implements security measures to protect your privacy and your information. A Cloud SaaS solution exceeds what a small team of IT professionals can do in their mainframe.



Proactive Security


Armed Guards

Round the Clock Staff