The Enterprise Quality Management Software that workers choose; and management approves

Cordage is a modern cloud QMS software that replaces your spreadsheet and legacy on-premise compliance systems.

Simplify your compliance processes by connecting your team, their tasks, and all corporate documentation to a single location. Create business value through electronic quality management in the cloud.

Grow your Business

Reduce expensive mistakes and increase operational efficiency. Close new sales, enter new markets and stand out in your industry.

Achieve Compliance

Follow legal requirements and automate processes to comply with even the most stringent of certifications such as ISO, OHSAS, and FDA.

Transform your Culture

Instill a culture of continuous improvement. Implement best practices and foster collaboration. Let quality drive your organization.

Connect your organization’s quality initiatives with our products on a true, closed-loop quality platform.

Centralize your information; documents, corrective actions, and training initiatives. Systematically reduce risk and drive continuous improvement in your organization – without stressing out your quality team.

Document and Change Management Software

Better content management and document control with an easy-to-use Software.

Upload, create and review documents and records. Securely distribute, dispose and limit access to your information. Manage your document’s approval with both custom and automated workflows.

Make collaboration, template management, and edit requests feel like a breeze, on all document extensions like Excel, Word, GSuite, 3D Files, Audio and Video. Over 140+ file extensions supported.

Version Control

Keep track of every change done to your documents and gain visibility into the what, the when and the who.

Approval Workflows

Ensure every single document follows the right approval process automatically.

CAPA and Audit Software

Identify, plan and execute your CAPA’s on Autopilot.

Capture and solve quality events like non-conformances, deviations and customer complaints. Track progress, schedule activities, and run root cause analysis. Prevent these issues from ever happening again.

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Training and Knowledge Software

Empower your Workforce With Scalable Knowledge & Training.

Create valuable training plans based on specific positions and hierarchical levels. Track your employees’ training activities, identify knowledge gaps and go beyond “Read and Understood”.

Develop training materials and extract knowledge from all of your documents.

Available from Q4 2020.

Faster Audits For all Industries

Comply with international norms and standards

Reduce audit preparation time by up to 40%. Group your documents by norm, standard and processes, using your quality management system. Invite suppliers, customers, auditors, and other stakeholders to collaborate and validate data consistency.


ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001

Life Sciences

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001


ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001


ISO/TS 16949
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14000

What is the impact of people on quality?

Discover why people are the most important asset in your quality management and digital transformation initiatives.

Software that grows with you

SMB Flexibility Even in Complex Enterprises

Regardless of your company's complexity, you can now customize your organization’s preferences using a single app, even across multinational locations.

Multiple Locations

Manage all of your offices, factories and distribution centers on a single interface.

Custom Branding

Develop brand affinity, pick your color palette upload your logo and favicon.

Advanced Security

Define your security preferences like passwords and IP Restrictions.

Custom Fields

Improve your organization’s classification with custom and extended fields.

Popular Features

Multiple Locations
Multi-language Support
LDAP/Active Directory
GSuite / Office 365 Login
Document Templates
Automated Workflows
ID Generation
Custom Fields
Extended Fields
Edit Suggestions
Print Control

Paper, Cloud or On-Premises: Which is the right type of QMS for your organization?

No two companies are alike. SMBs, Enterprises and Global companies have different requirements for their EQMS. Discover which one is right for you.

Automatic Updates, Proactive Security and a Small Investment

Cloud software is a safer and more affordable alternative to on-premises software solutions. Contrary to popular belief, 64% of all CIOs now agree that Enterprise Cloud is a smarter solution that can prevent data theft and loss. Store your files in the same cloud as 70% of the Fortune 500. Enjoy the benefits of 99.9% storage availability, without the need to invest in new hardware.